Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be gay?
Not at all! But you do need to be accepting and supportive of all genders, ages and sexuality. It’s our wonderful differences that we recognise and celebrate. 

Do I have to AUDITION? 
No. Join in as best you can in the first rehearsal you attend. We can advise you the best section (bass, tenor, alto, soprano) for you if you wish. 

Do I have to read music?
It helps, but it’s not essential. Others will help you if you are having trouble. We often use USB sticks with the various parts pre-recorded so that you can practise at home or in the car. 

But I Can't Sing!
You might be able to sing better than you think! All that we seek from you is an enthusiasm for music and singing. Previous choral experience not needed. And we have plenty of jobs for non-singers! 

Where AND WHEN do you rehearse? 
Clarence Park, just south of Goodwood. Plenty of parking onsite, and Bus stop at the door. Tuesdays 7.30pm (sharp) - 9.30pm.
For specific address details please contact the Qwire for information.

How many performances do you do each year? 
One or two major concerts (e.g. Feast), several community performances. We perform in various Adelaide venues and have travelled interstate. If you do not wish to perform in public, that’s quite OK – there’s no pressure. 

How much does it cost? 
Nothing for the first month. Then, if you think the Qwire is for you, you need to become financial, by paying $80 ($60 conc,) every 6 months. Instalments can be arranged if it’s easier to manage.

What do you expect from me when I become a member? 
As with all successful community groups, members are expected to show a level of commitment to the group, particularly in the weeks before a performance. This means attending rehearsals, turning up on time, learning the music, being financial, and being respectful and supportive of others in the group. But most importantly we expect you to enjoy your musical experience, enjoy the company of like minded people, and enjoy yourself!

What typically happens at a rehearsal? 
It’s important to be on time. We have warm up exercises which can be quite fun, and then we work through old and new material for our next performance. A 15 minute coffee break and chat is called midway and a small donation (gold coin) for the supplies is appreciated. Then it’s back to singing. Occasionally there is a lot of playful silliness. Sometimes we break into sectional groups. 

I'm shy, and I find it hard to break into a new group.
Then Qwire is the perfect group for you, because we pride ourselves on meeting in a safe, supportive environment. You will be assigned a mentor for the first month who will introduce you to others and is available to answer all your questions. We also have social get-togethers several times a year. 

Who’s who?
Our Musical Director is Matt (aka Wine Weasel). 
Our accompanist is Liz (Funbags). 
Our page turner is Page Turner (aka Stuart).

How do I get more information?
Send an email to adelaideqwire@gmail.com or fill in the form on the Contact Us page.